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Mary Moran at New Horizons Salon
Dr. Sheelagh Carpendale at New Horizons Salon
Ian Holloway at the New Horizons Salon

Signal vs Noise videos are released!

Watch the video talks from our November 2017 "Signal vs Noise" event...
Watch content from our November 2017 event

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View the talks from our November 2017 "Signal vs Noise" event
View a selection of talks from our past events


Drum Signal Through the Ages…
Drum Signal Through the Ages…
Poetry sends signals to…
How we can outsmart cancer…
We've held 20+ events since 2009. Check out some of the highlights!


TEDxCalgary (r)Evolutions - Bandile Phiri
(r)Evolutions - May 2016
TEDxCalgary Truth(s) - Rich Theroux
Truth(s) - Nov 2014
TEDxCalgary Wilderness - Dr. Robert Bateman
Wilderness - Jan 2014
Alanna Mitchell
Breaking Through: Exploring th…
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