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Pull up a chair and settle in to read some of the wisdom our team is out collecting and sharing.


  • TEDxCalgary 2018 Navigators Theme
    Our 2018 Event Theme: Navigators
    Our 2018 theme is a celebration of navigators, those special people whose ideas help point us in the right direction. As individuals, they're not the entire story behind the idea, but they make sure that we know where we're setting off from when we start a new journey of discovery...
  • Signal vs Noise - November 4, 2017
    Recognizing Signal
    When an event is done, and we're reflecting on what it all meant, we might see a different pattern of "signal" than what we first might have imagined would emerge. As performer Tomko Lamb so very aptly put it, "It's all noise until our brains can figure out the pattern in it... to recognize the signal underneath."
  • Signal vs Noise speakers
    Signal vs Noise event guide
    View our final event guide for Signal vs Noise on November 4th!
  • Signal vs Noise - November 4
    More speakers!
    We've been promising that you'll have an amazing day of talks and interactions at Signal vs Noise on November 4th, and we're announcing three new speakers in our line-up!
  • Signal vs Noise
    Signal vs Noise and Local Politics
    What is signal and what is noise when it comes to municipal politics? We've got a few thoughts to share.

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