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New Horizons Salon

New Horizons is an intimate salon-style event featuring a rich and immersive blend of in-person speakers sharing amazing ideas, engaging in deep conversations, and making powerful connections... all inspired by YOU!


For this event, we'll also be featuring a unique conversation segment among a specially-selected community and business leaders from across Calgary, the speakers, and event participants... come prepared to share your ideas with one another, and to talk deeply about some great ideas!


This event has concluded. Stay tuned for videos!



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About Salon-style events

Salon-style events honour the great leaps made in sharing ideas during the Enlightenment period in the 18th Century. At a time when ideas based in reason and scientific evidence were often considered dangerous, or only for a select few, the great salons of the period advanced leading ideas in science, politics, and philosophy that we see as foundational to modern society today.


In this modern version, we go deeper on a single topic area with a shorter event and a smaller number of speakers (typically a maximum of four), plus time for interactions and dialogue. This gives both speakers and participants the chance to talk more powerfully about a connecting set of ideas, and to connect more meaningfully to one another. 


For participants, salons are a great way to meet and talk with others who are passionate about "Ideas worth spreading", whether their own, or those of others. Think of these as networking with little or no small talk: it's all about the power of the ideas being shared, and what we want to try to do with them!