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Garden of ideas

As a sponsor or community partner, help us cultivate a vibrant and sustained garden of ideas in our city!


At TEDxCalgary we believe in the power of ideas and the conversations they generate.


Conversations, in turn, amplify potential, producing action and innovation.


We invite organizations and individuals interested in supporting this work into a process whose purpose is to find the strongest and most meaningful connections between resources, ideas and endeavours.





1. Engage

We get to know each other. We talk about the needs of all participants, and how best to meet them.




2. Plan

Together we develop a plan that leverages strengths and creatively addresses identified needs.




3. Make It So

The fun part. We take action, monitor results and collect feedback to iterate, innovate and succeed.



If you are interested in starting a conversation, please send us an email or call at 587.997.4873.




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