Event Program

Event Program (8)

We look forward to hosting you on May 10th for FLOW: Connecting the Dots

Please find below the general event program, and related session notes.

IMPORTANT: Note that the schedule may be subject to change, and that all times are approximate.



Noon to 1 p.m.
Registration table, TEDxCalgary "Signal vs Noise", 2017

Registration and Check-In

The Ampersand will be open for business in the morning, and those arriving early are encouraged to visit the Food Trucks area, or the Lil E Cafe in the buidling lobby while waiting.

Please plan to complete registration prior to 12:50 p.m., as our event program will start at 1 p.m. sharp, and late arrivals will not be seated until a break between speakers.


Parking is available in the Harmony Parkade (formerly James Short), which is accessible off of both 4th (Westbound) and 5th (Eastbound) Avenue. The venue is connected by Plus-15 from the East wing of the parkade.

Public Transit

The Ampersand is within close walking distance of most downtown C-Train and bus routes. Please consult Calgary Transit's website for details. The street address is 140 - 4 Avenue SW.

Ticket Scanning/Check-In

When you arrive at The Ampersand, our check-in team will scan your electronic or paper tickets from Showpass.

If you have forgotten your ticket, you will need to have the name of the ticket purchaser in order for us to retrieve your order.

Badging and Coat/Bag Check

Once you have been checked in, we invite you to pick up and "Style your badge". If needed, you can also check your coat or large bags at the venue coat check.

Our team members are there to guide you... if you have any questions, don't be shy to ask!

Sensory Accommodations

If you require sensory accommodations, please click to visit our Sensory Accommodations information.


Please note that, if you arrive late or have to leave the venue for any reason, you will need to wait for a break in the speakers to be admitted.

The talks are being recorded for posting to the TEDx YouTube channel, and being in the venue implies your consent to be recorded on video and in still images.



The Ampersand | 144 - 4 Ave SW
See speakers list
1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
The Ampersand lobby and social stairs

FLOW | Speaker block 1



We welcome you with the standard TEDx introduction video (required at all events), followed by a land acknowledgement, and then swing into our introductions for the day with hosts Rahim Sajan, licencee and curator, and Jonathan Perkins, CEO and co-curator. 



Dr. Kori Czuy | Relational Science Educator 

Michael Wernick | Government expert, 23rd Clerk of the Privy Council of Canada 

Meredith Preston McGhie | Peacemaker, Secretary General for the Global Centre for Pluralism



The Ampersand lobby and social stairs
Speaker bios
2:00 to 3:15 p.m.
Interactions partner and participant, TEDxCalgary "Signal vs Noise", 2017

Interactions Break #1



Refreshments (coffee, tea, snacks) will be served from stations within The Ampersand lobby as samples from local companies. Quantities are limited.


Interactions (see separate listing below) are throughout The Ampersand. Visit our special interactions map and listings for details!

Map iconInteractions map and list



Food Allergies

Please note that we cannot guarantee that food will be free from the common food allergens listed below. We regret the inconvenience. For specific concerns, please speak with catering staff on site.

If you have life-threatening chances of reaction, please be sure to bring your epi-pen device and identify yourself to our registration team.

Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod)
Crustacean shellfish (e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp)
Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans)




The Ampersand | Upper Lobby Stations
4:00 to 5:00 pm
More fun participant interactions, TEDxCalgary "Signal vs Noise", 2017

Interactions Break #2



Refreshments (coffee, tea, snacks) will be served from stations within The Ampersand lobby as samples from local companies. Quantities are limited.


Interactions (see separate listing below) are throughout The Ampersand. Visit our special interactions map and listings for details!

Map iconInteractions map and list



The Ampersand Lobby
During Registration and Interactions Breaks
Shulich Engineering race car, 2023

Interactions Zone!

Join our Interactions Partners in our dynamic Interactions Zone as you arrive at the event, and during each scheduled interactions break!

Our list of interactions includes the following partners:

1. Global Center for Pluralism: Societies thrive when differences are valued. Embrace the flow of diversity in the Canadian society and get an opportunity to see the GCP Award, which is given once every two years.

2. United Nations Water Hub: Examine critical ground water displays and engage in informative dialogue with brains who are determined to tackle the major water challenges of the 21st century.

3. Alberta Innovates: Engage in an immersive digital health check-up platform to test your knowledge and learn how flow of different ideas are transformed into tangible inventions through the Alberta Innovates IDEATE platform.

4. Library (old books): Craft and construct your unique interpretations of “flow” and express it on the pages of an old book!

5. Octo-Odyssey & 3D Printing (University of Calgary): Watch the flow of life that happens at the depth of Costa Rica's deep seas as you explore the Octopus Odyssey, a groundbreaking deep-sea expedition revealing a rare octopus nursery.

6. City of Calgary Water Education: Learn about water initiatives across the city, from managing drinking water to waste water and finally storm water management!

7. Reclamation and Conservation: Join artist Shannon Carla King as she profiles some of her amazing work on depicting energy sector reclamation and conservation, including a captivating virtual reality experience.

8. Alberta Printmakers: Let your out of the box ideas create a booklet that is uniquely yours by letting colourful inks flow through a silk screen. Let your creativity be your guide!

9. Poetry and Finding Your Voice: Let the flow of your words construct a unique poetry with inspiring spoken word poet and writer Miranda Krogstad, author of Glass half Full of Poetry.

10. Rumble House: Witness the flow of colour on a blank canvas and how it transforms into an adorable piece of art in real time.

11. Food Insecurity: Learn more about sustainability, food waste, and how your day-to-day actions can all flow together to help meet food insecurity issues that many Calgarians are facing today.

12. Beekeeper: Taste honey, meet the bees, and learn how honey flows from beehive to a jar.

13. Calgary on Purpose: Get into a conversation flow with an organization who is striving to inspire Calgarians to continually engage in respectful dialogue about the city they call home, what it means to them, and how it can be better!

14. Function vs Form: Get a chance to chat with Bill Chomik, a former TEDxCalgary speaker as well as one of Canada's most renowned architects, and learn about the role of creative flow in construction and architectural design.

15. Planetarium: Let the views of the vast cosmos inspire the flow of curiosity within you through this immersive and high-quality celestial planetarium experience.


TEDxMap May 10



pdfFlow 2024 Interactions.pdf


The Ampesand | Lobby
6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Join us at The Ampersand lounge after the event!

VIP Reception | Post-Event Social

Following the event, participants holding VIP tickets are invited to join us at The Ampersand's tenant lounge for a social event with other VIPs, speakers, and volunteers!

The after-event will be cash bar, restricted to 18+ (ID required). Space will be limited due to fire code as necessary.


The Ampersand Tenant Lounge
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