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TEDxCalgary Salon - Origins

Where do important ideas start?


All ideas -- just like radio signals -- have an origin, and also need to be amplified along the way if they're going to break through the noise that surrounds us daily. Many ideas also will be recombined into something even stronger and more powerful as they carry forward.


"Origins" was a deep-dive exploration of how positive ideas and behaviours start, how we can boost them through focused creativity and innovation, and how we can use powerful words to explain them. Whether it is early humans discovering how to represent ideas on a cave wall and spread their wisdom to others through the ages, or us needing to develop agile solutions to today's most intractable societal problems, the challenge of generating strong "signal" remains strikingly similar.


Recalling the salon style of the Enlightenment, we used the TEDx salon format to present an intimate evening of ideas and discussion for a small audience. Our speakers provided the spark to inspire and challenge our thinking, and our participants took it from there as they explored the ideas on their own in a variety of small-group discussion formats. Nothing formulaic or scripted: it was all signal from our participants.


We gathered at W21C -- the Ward of the 21st Century -- a world-class research venue in our own city that exemplifies how we can originate ideas that will carry far and wide to others working on similar issues in modern health care around the world. A select group of participants were able to visit the ward in action, and see how it works in practice. More tours will be available in future through our series of TEDxCalgary "Adventures": stay tuned to our site and social media channels for more news soon!


Event videos are now being published... check the speaker profiles for details!