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From May 31 to June 2, the Social Progress Imperative and local, national, and international speakers will be in Banff for What Works 2022Truth + Trust.

It's three days of interactive discussions, workshops, debates, inspiring talks and deep conversations among participants to learn what is working across various areas of social progress, in a bid to replicate and scale for success.

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TEDxCalgaryStudio: Filipe Masetti Leite

As part of an experiment with the new TEDxStudio licence format, where we have the opportunity to record talks outside of a normal event structure, we're pleased to have captured the incredible story of Filipe Masetti Liete. 

He set out from Calgary in July 2012 (coincidentally the Stampede's 100th Anniversary) with the goal of riding solo on horseback some 16,000KM across 12 international borders to his home town in Brazil. At a pace of 30KM a day, every night was an experiment in human connections, requiring that he rely on the generosity of strangers to care for his horses and himself. The trip turned out to be an 8-year 25,000KM odyssey that took him to the very tips of the Americas, and exposed him to adventures and challenges he never anticipated.


Special thanks to the Calgary Stampede for providing our recording space at centre ring in the rodeo grounds, and to Cowley’s Rafter Six Ranch and Kateri Cowley for bringing out Filipe's filming companion, Pearl, for the day. They also provided the hay bales to help hold up our signage, and grealty contributed to making it one of the most unique talks we've ever recorded. It might even have made TEDx history!

Big shout-outs to Ben Auteur for his volunteer editing support (it was a very windy day, and it took heroic editing to get the sound right), to Andrew for his amazing photos (coming soon to our Flickr account), and to Chris and Martina from Hidden Story Productions for their always legendary recording prowess with whatever we throw at them!

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How do I register for an event?

When we have an active event (either in-person or virtual), registration links will be provided in our Events section. As we emerge from COVID restrictions, we have resumed a limited range of in-person events, so stay tuned for even more to come!

When do you announce all the speakers?

Speakers for upcoming events are usually announced about 4 weeks in advance of the event. Please note that all events are "as is", and we cannot guarantee that a particular speaker is able to appear.

What goes on at a TEDxCalgary event?

Compared to watching an individual TED or TEDx talk online, a TEDxCalgary event is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a full day of ideas and conversations with others who are equally curious about the world around them. In addition to the amazing speakers and performers we profile on stage, all of our participants at the event contribute to the awesomeness of the day through their interactions with one another, and with our interactions partners in the venue. As part of your ticket, we provide refreshment and meal breaks throughout the day to nourish the body as well as the mind! Read our What to Expect article for more information on how to make the most of the event!

What is your affiliation with TED?

We are an independently organized TEDx event, operating under licence from TED. We do not speak for the TED organization, and our event is required to conform with a number of TEDx licencing provisions. Please seethe TEDx site for more information .

Are there other TEDx organizing teams in Calgary?

Yes! We're fortunate to have several other TEDx licencees in the city, including our colleagues atTEDxYYC who also started operating in 2009. There also are TEDxYouth@Victoria Park, TEDxRundleAcademy, and TEDxBowValleyCollege (invitation only). Each TEDx team brings a different approach to organizing their event, while conforming to the general TEDx licencing rules.

Can I nominate a speaker?

Yes! We accept nominations year-round, versus on an event basis. Please see our Become a Speaker page for general information on how to nominate someone to be a speaker.