A Special Thanks To Our Partners...

It has been a difficult few days, with the necessary postponement of our main event and the related suspension of our community salon programming coming at the same time. All of us are needing to take action to slow or stop the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19, and we'll emerge from this even stronger as a community.

Throughout, our partners have been amaziningly supportive of our decisions. We want to say a very special and heart-felt thank you to each of the organizations listed for your commitment to our partnership, and seeing the possibilities that lie further down the road for even stronger engagement in our community about ideas. Please aceept our eternal gratitude for your support and encouragement.

-- The TEDxCalgary team


TEDxCalgary Volunteers

Our efforts are completely powered by volunteer energy!

If you're looking for a rewarding volunteer experience with a team that lives and breathes ideas, we're the place for you. Here's how we engage volunteers:


1. Tell us about you

However we make our initial contact, we ask that you complete our online volunteer form to help make sure we've got your basic contact information, and get to know a little more about you.


2. Align your interests

We have a number of different roles to offer, from helping out on event days to supporting parts of our year-round operations (marketing, communications, technology, logistics, partnerships, and so on). Our volunteer team will meet with you in person to go deeper on what you'd like to do, and what opportunities might fit.


3. Grow with us

As we better get to know one another, there are many possibilities to move across roles, or to become a portfolio leader. Start the journey and see where it takes you!