TEDxCalgary Talks

In our ten years of organizing TEDx events, we've been honoured to record over 140 talks and performances by an incredibly diverse and truly amazing set of speakers and musicians. To view the talks in their original event context, visit our TEDxCalgary YouTube channel, where talks are organized into playlists by event.

To browse our completed events, please see the Past Events page, which includes links to individual playlists of the event talks, arranged in the order in which speakers appeared. For more recent events, please see our Speakers page to view individual speaker bios, and their embedded talks once they are available.

Have a question about any of the talks? Contact our events team!



This page is dedicated to the memory of four of our speakers who have passed away since their talks. We honour:

Lauren Voisin (pictured, "Signal vs Noise", 2017), whose brilliant life among us was all too short

Cheri Macauley ("City 2.0", 2012)

Glenda MacQueen ("Wilderness", 2014)

Ken Low ("Humanity 3.0", 2010 and "Origins" Salon, 2017)

May their ideas always live on among us.

Read our story, People passing. Ideas living on.