FLOW is coming...

Join us for our 2024 main annual event... FLOW: Connecting the Dots!

The concept of "flow" has been near and dear to our hearts for some time... it's that place of deep thought, profound action, and intense curiosity that takes us to a place of peak performance — whatever our chosen discipline or creative endeavour.


FLOW: Connecting the dots...

FLOW... it's the focused place in thinking and doing where we find inspiration, get more creative, and enter the space of mastery and peak performance.

Whatever a person's chosen discipline, it's a space where great ideas are born and where great actions come from: in workplaces, in communities, and in society.

Join our speakers as they take the stage to share and connect their ideas in FLOW, and then take a deep dive into our immersive interactions to share your own ideas and actions with other participants.





A big "Yes, and..." Thank You!

"How do we think our way through the messes we’re in, when the way we think is part of the mess?" – Nora Bateson

This quote, from a recent post by The Ethics Centre, perfectly describes why we called our latest event "Yes, and..." and followed an improvisational approach in selecting our speakers and performers.


Dark Horse Fortune Cookies

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Dark Horse Fortune Cookies was forged from a passion to surprise, delight and intrigue. The first cookies were created as an unexpected delivery method to inform close friends and family members that we were expecting our first child. From there it became evident that the artisan-style fortune cookie could be harnessed to deliver a range of messages from highly personalized to funny, cheeky, romantic and more.

​We also understand that finding unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions can be difficult. It's the surprise and often hilarious reactions from people when they open and enjoy our handcrafted cookies that keep the embers of our passion for this company burning.

We are based in Calgary and are locally-owned and operated. We pride ourselves on small batch quality (hand-made to order) while catering to individuals and groups of all sizes from all walks of life.


Devour Catering

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Devour nourished our bodies with scrumptuous food for lunch and refreshment breaks at our 2023 "Yes, and..." event, but went above and beyond to seek out environmentally friendly packaging for our hundreds of meals from Earthware, and partnered with Annex Ales to provide our participants with flavourful sodas!


Red Point Media / Avenue Magazine

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We’re always hunting for new stories and interesting facts. We dig flawless design and beautiful imagery. We’re energized by a challenge, invigorated by new connections and always inspired to create great work.

We are one of the largest magazine publishers in Western Canada

We’ve been crafting compelling content for almost 30 years

We’re celebrated annually by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association Awards


Calgary Chamber of Commerce

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The Chamber is here for you, helping to build resiliency and keep business strong. We are your Podium of Record – where you can come for trusted and valued business advocacy and support. Our power to convene brings Calgary's business community together, regardless of industry or size.

We’re not in it for ourselves, we are 100% member founded and funded, and we operate with our members’ best interests at heart. Business has built this city, making it an incredible place to live and work, and the Chamber is here to build business. The Chamber is Calgary’s champion, at the heart of Calgary’s business community since 1891 (3 years before Calgary became a city). We Nourish, Power, and Inspire to build an environment where business can succeed.

Nourish – The Chamber creates the foundation for businesses to thrive.

Power – When businesses thrive, they power the city to greater heights.

Inspire – Building the spirit that inspires greater success.



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From Alberta to the world

The energy found in Alberta is essential to improving the lives of people across the globe. As one of Canada’s largest independent midstream businesses, Keyera plays a crucial role in processing, transporting and marketing clean-burning natural gas that fuels modern life.