Sensory Accommodations

Embracing the theme of "FLOW: Connecting the Dots," TEDxCalgary recognizes that true mastery and creativity can only be achieved when we cultivate an environment that celebrates the diverse perspectives and unique abilities of all participants.

Through intentional design and a steadfast commitment to accessibility, TEDxCalgary invites each participant to contribute their authentic voice, confident that their unique contributions will be welcomed and amplified.

By embodying the guiding principle of pluralism, this year's event will provide a seamless, inclusive experience that empowers neurodiverse individuals, accommodates sensory needs, and fosters a sense of belonging — unlocking the flow state where innovation and breakthrough thinking can thrive.

Diversity + Inclusion = Belonging

● Diversity is a Fact - Inclusion is a Choice. Belonging is an Outcome.
● To create a space where everyone feels they belong, we must consider what contributes to the well-being of our participants. This requires understanding the different needs of different diversity groups.
● Diversity comes in many forms.
● Inclusive events benefit everyone by allowing all participants to engage fully and feel welcomed.

Here are some examples of groups that will be positively impacted by the accommodations we have included in this year’s event:

○ Neurodivergent Individuals
○ Non-First English Language Speakers
○ Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals
○ People with Physical Disabilities (Visible or Invisible)
○ Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders
○ Individuals with Mental Health Disorders
○ Individuals who benefit from taking in information utilizing multiple learning styles
○ People of all age groups
○ TEDxCalgary Team in expanding our understanding of inclusivity


Our Accommodations and Sensory Support

1. Registration desks will have:

  • QR Code for access to agenda, map & accommodation details on personal devices
  • Ear plugs (we encourage you to bring your own favourite brand, but will have spares available)
  • Stickers for folks who want to identify their:

○      Pronoun preferences

○      Support buddies

○      Need for a break from social interaction


2. Sensory Support Desk with a couple of Volunteers working to support folks with extra services like:

○      For a tour of the sensory spaces

○      For support requests

○      To ask questions

○      For a Sensory Buddy

○      For a printed agenda with map


3. Live captioning of the speakers by a professional transcriptionist.

4. Quiet Room with self-regulation tools, and activities for people who need a quiet space to retreat.

5. Sensory Friendly Food Table outside of the Quiet room for folks who struggle with Grab & Go food stations, or eating while standing and/or talking to others.


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